The cross alone represents recovery. Whether physically or mentally, it illustrates the self-awareness of an issue being worked through. A silent calling to those around that a majority of attention may be focused on the unseen. 



The solid build of the eye around the cross represents strength and protection from any disruptions affecting the recovery. A reminder to be mentally strong enough to stay focused on goals despite the onslaught of negative influences.



The cross and eye combine to create a mark that represents a positive viewpoint. A reminder that each situation can become a positive and a silent calling to others that despite battling a negative outlook on life, seeing the positive remains a priority.



An attempt to symbolize the battle between positive and negative thought in the human mind



Unspoken Thoughts

The original goal creating the eye was to come up with a mark that could say what I’ve never wanted to admit out loud or bring up in conversation - and still don’t. Much of the art within the project was created at my lowest time and illustrates thoughts I was working through in my head and the battle between the negative and positive. As I created more pieces I decided to turn this symbolism into a larger project that could span a variety of mediums and hopefully help others work through their own physical and mental battles. Ultimately FLRHFT is about representing and battling the deeper, darker thoughts within the mind that may not want to be discussed.



The three eyes represent the triality we live with each day. The never ending cycle of highs and lows. The eyes are found in many pieces.


Flawed Eye

The flawed eye is what many live with and what many don’t even realize is there. A flawed vision, a negative vision. Seeing the worst in every situation. Whether it’s handed down from a previous generation or triggered by mental or physical stress, it’s a viewpoint that will continue to destroy the body and bring down those nearby.


Suicidal Eye

The suicidal eye is what years of a flawed vision can create. The daily negative outlook affects the body both physically and mentally. Over time it takes a toll on the body, relationships, careers and a progressive life path. This wear and tear eventually leads the quality of life to a level that falls below what zero (or death) would be. The suicidal eye welcomes death to maintain sanity.



The positive eye is the third and final eye and the only chance at not only continuing to live, but to live with a purpose. To live with the daily goal of improving and raising the quality of life of those within reach. It’s the positive eye that has the power to turn a life around and allow one to leave their mark on the world before bowing out. The liberator. 


The Future

The goal is to keep creating and producing pieces on a consistent basis in whatever form that may be. Subscribe below if you want to stay up to date or follow the project on Instagram



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